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I needed to uncheck that IEEE 802.1 box but it wouldn't show up on WPA for some reason only WEP.I finally got connected with service pack 1 using no protection wireless and upgraded to service pack 2.My work laptop which is an N and was running Windows XP SP3 was fine.My wife's laptop was running Windows XP SP2 and was receiving the Window's error message 'unable to find certificate'.As soon as I unticked it, the 'certificate' message didn't come back.I now only have a 'windows cannot connect you to the network...' message.I have the same problem--I get the message about not being able to find a certificate to log on to the network. That took me to a page with 3 tabs: Association (which came up first), Authentication and Connection.

So I just went with WEP, used the 10 digit WEP key, WAS able to uncheck the IEEE box in the "properties" and now I'm working fine. I found and downloaded the drivers for the artherus (wrong spelling) drivers from the manufactures web site.I have just bought a third computer and I thought it would be easy to hook it up wirelessly.So I find the connection, enter in my '10 digit WEP' and click connect.Instead of starting with Association, I chose Authentication. I unchecked the Enable 802.1x authentication for this network.Then I selected the Association tab and proceeded to reenter my Network SSID and further Info. But, Make sure you make note of how the settings were on the Association page before you start the process. Finally, this will replace your wireless network settings for you network on that list.

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