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The GUI is not rendered during this time, although I do the refresh on the window. After digging through like two dozen Q&A posts with all sorts of engrossing details about threads and asynchronous and a dozen different ways of merely having a textbox I've changed the text of update immediately, before the method call than takes several seconds to run - I finally stumble onto The Beautiful Answer you provide. I have tried for hours to solve a problem with my status bar text not updating on my WPF window. But this elegant solution just worked for me 6 or 7 years after you initially posted it. what about if you use MVVM and you want to update the label in the View Model? First, it redraw everything, not only the control you wish. I think the best practice would be to do the looping(cpu intensive work) on a seperate thread, and call Dispatcher. Anyways I stumbled upon this article trying to find out a way to force draw a window(a WPF window) without actually opening the window, if you know about this please write to me. I put your small bit of code in place, then called the Refresh of the text and voila!! It solved a simple issue that has had me frustratingly banging my head up against a WPF wall for over 2 days. I'm Using vs 2005 with ms access 2003 database and finding myself how to get rid of this error "Syntax Error on UPDATE Statement" can you take a look at my codes below and tell me what's wrong? Public Class Transactions Dim cnn OLEDB As New Ole Db Connection Dim cmd OLEDB As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Insert As New Ole Db Command Dim cmd Update As New Ole Db Command Dim str Connection String = "Provider=Microsoft. Current Directory & "\Library Database.mdb" Private Sub Transactions_Load(By Val sender As System. If you do, for example have two labels, it will update both of them even if only calling label1.refresh(); Any ideas? In Windows development, regardless of programming platform, to update a UI first you invalidate it, which means a WM_PAINT is sent over so the control can draw itself.

The Looping Method is just the method I use in my Window class to update the label (updating the progress) and then the code does some heavy lifting (Sleep ).

All you got is a string property bound to the label. Second it could easily crash in a regular WPF app where the wanted refresh happen in an observable collection collection change event and the Refresh need to use the collection (iterate into it). Thanks :) If I place your code outside the 'public partial class', I get "Dispatcher Priority does not exist in the current context". It's around 5 years and people still benefiting from your help and i am no exception.

Let's say you want the label to say "Save Started" //do save then "Sae Completed"? If I place your code inside, I get "Extension methods M/B defined in a top level static class; Extension Methods is a nested class". I wanted to say thanks then I saw all of these comments.

The Refresh method is the extension method that takes any UI element and then calls that UIElement's Dispatcher's Invoke method.

The trick is to call the Invoke method with Dispatcher Priority of Render or lower.

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Update (February 26, 2009): A Commenter asked for a VB. Update (January 13, 2010): Apparently geekswithblogs doesn't allow linking non-image files (thus the samples link doesn't work anymore). From my simple test, there are some possibilities as to why it doesn't work for you:1.

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