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You might find this shocking if you've watched her on the court recently, but Venus Williams will turn 40 in 2020.How does the ageless tennis legend manage to keep in such good shape?If just the thought of this makes you want to lay down, trust us, you aren't alone, but one person who apparently can keep pace with Williams in the gym is her new millionaire boyfriend.Any uncertainty about the nature of her relationship with Nicholas Hammond was washed away in April 2018 when the pair were pictured (via ) on a post-workout stroll in New York City."Family wealth should stay within family lines," the will stated (via ), meaning Dana — and, by extension, Nicholas — presumably became filthy rich.

He was first spotted in the Williams family box at the 2018 US Open according to the that Hammond's name was being frequently tossed around during the tournament.

"They are in love," the insider said, "but no one has mentioned any engagement." Johnson also reached out to Hammond himself for comment, but the muscular millionaire refused to divulge any information about the status of his relationship with Williams.

"We have a firm commitment to one another to keep our relationship private," Hammond said.

His decision to join her on the other side of the world seemed to convince those close to the tennis player that he was interested in more than just adding to his already considerable net worth.

"He's definitely not a fortune hunter," the camp insider said.

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