Walker 2016 quaternary dating methods

A secondary standard, Oxalic Acid SRM 4990C, also referred to as HOx II, 1,000 lb of which was prepared by NIST in 1977 from French beet harvests, is now in wide use.

The limit of measurability is approximately eight half-lives, or about 45,000 years.These errors can be reduced by extending the counting duration: for example, testing a modern benzene sample will find about eight decay events per minute per gram of benzene, and 250 minutes of counting will suffice to give an error of ± 80 years, with 68% confidence.If the benzene sample contains carbon that is about 5,730 years old (the half-life of To be completely accurate, the error term quoted for the reported radiocarbon age should incorporate counting errors not only from the sample, but also from counting decay events for the reference sample, and for blanks.Quaternary glacial sedimentary deposits, non-glacial sediments and their stratigraphy.Loess and soils, geomorphic evolution of mountainous and low-lying terrains. Changes of drainage patterns in Hungary, Eolian and lacustrine sedimentation, groundwater and karst phenomena. Economic and societal significance of Quaternary research.

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