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1-14 113 11 Jul 07 My Fluffy Hair/Louis Gets Some Class Season 2 1. 2- 1 115 5 Jul 07 Dana Checks Out/My Biggest Fan 2. Sammy stopped laughing and said, “Hey, old windbag, if you take off one more of my coats and throw it out the window, I’ll bite your head off.” “They smell too bad for me to allow them in my classroom,” said Mrs. “You can pick them up when you leave.” “They smell better than you do, Pighead!

A group of fun-loving students live in constant fear of their evil teacher, Mrs. But when a magical mishap turns her into an apple, the students embark on a journey that includes hypnosis, a tornado, and a mysterious nineteenth floor that doesn’t exist.

Pickle was caught, and he was no longer allowed to practice psychiatry.

It’s not fair: out of all the mommies in the world, I got stuck with you!

Gorf wiggled her ears — first her right one, then her left — stuck out her tongue, and turned Todd into an apple.

Gorf laughed and placed the three apples on her desk.

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