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It’s so nice and amazing.“It’s easy and not like anything I’ve had before.”Zara and Adam grew close during their time in the villa, but the personal trainer swiftly moved on with Darylle, 24, after Zara was voted out of the show.

Addressing the awkward situation, she divulged: “He had his reasons and I think they would’ve been the same reasons I would’ve had anyway.“He said he was just waiting for the next vote off and said if he didn’t get voted off he would’ve just left.

So that made me feel better.”When asked if she was worried about Adam cheating, she added: “We did have this discussion, I was like you cheated on me and he said well no because we wasn’t together, so I was like fair enough but we were basically together.“We are still having this argument now but I trust him 100 per cent.“Also I don’t want to waste my time worrying about something that might not happen.“I don’t want it to ruin my relationship or get caught up in thinking what if what if.

I’m just really enjoying it.”When asked who she misses from the villa, Zara added: “Now Ellie [Brown] is out I am happy.“But I do miss Meg [Megan Barton Hanson] quite a lot.

When asked if they would like to get married Zara replied: “Yeah.”She added: “We was talking about this [marriage] on the way here, for a proper future.“He’s got a business that he wants me to help out with.

I was like ‘look I do want you help you, I was like is this good for you because it’s good for me 100 per cent’.“I think he’s dead set on it.”But the Essex beauty admitted it would be “too soon” if he was to pop the question anytime soon.

Dedicating this #weddingwednesday to all my single ladies.

💓 Last week I told you I was going to post wedding Wednesday to share about the wedding planning..

A rundown by Us Weekly lists no fewer than 13 romantic partners, although not all of them are absolutely confirmed.

I’m headed into a 4 hour class and don’t have time to fix it- but I will tonight!

co-stars have been real-life friends since before both were famous, they never got together as a couple except in the movies. Sandler has been married to the same woman for 16 years, while Aniston’s love life has been the subject of relentless tabloid gossip, especially through her high-profile relationships with Brad Pitt and Justin Theroux.

Whatever else is printed about us that is not directly from us, is someone else’s fictional narrative.

Above all, we are determined to maintain the deep respect and love that we have for one another.

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#weddingwednesday&, Adam said that he started the proposal under the guise of having a photo shoot for Raven’s boutique, and that’s all she thought it was — just a regular business-related day.

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