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I made sense of drakes chasing females and each other. I caught two of the signals a duck pair used to communicate readiness to mate — swimming with bill flat to the water and head nodding.Other courtship signals I probably missed for lack of recognition and speed of performance. Male mallards will shake their heads and/or their tails to gain the attention of females.“Apparently, there is going to be a conference table instead of a dinner table, and they are going to be showing Power Points.” All of the potential candidates are looking for the same thing: top-flight political wizards who will work long hours, leave their loved ones for another city and devote themselves fully for little money to working for relative strangers on the outside chance of capturing the Democratic Party’s zeitgeist and earning a chance to battle President Trump.Just which candidate to pick — a young newcomer, a Western statesman, a liberal lion of the Senate, a billionaire self-funder or someone else — is right now anybody’s guess.A third group may not get in until the spring, once they get a chance to observe the strengths and weaknesses of the initial field.“Every presidential candidate apparently is only going to be strategizing with their families over the Christmas holiday,” said Democratic pollster John Anzalone, who has spoken with representatives of multiple potential presidential efforts, including advisers to former vice president Joe Biden.Potential candidates have been crisscrossing the country to gut-check operatives, setting hours aside in their schedules to work the phones and meeting to draft plans for 20 or more different campaign strategies to win the Democratic nomination.At least a dozen potential candidates, including sitting senators, governors and former officials, have said publicly that they plan to spend the holidays talking over a run with their families, and two or more are still expected to hint at their intentions before the holidays.

“I saw every digital person in the world Instagramming from Denver,” this person said. With no front-runner and a primary contest that could cost billions, the race to build a presidential campaign team is already well underway, even though most candidates have not yet created legal vehicles for hiring staff.The have distinctly different courtship displays, however, which makes communication clear and hybrids rare.Waterfowl aren’t the only species to use plumage and its manipulation as a tactic.A research paper from Stanford University, the source for much of this information, said that female mallards will use these tactics to provoke fights between competing males. The display tactics of ducks can sometimes be misread, causing mixed results. Mallards and American black ducks, with close resemblance, interbreed more often than other duck species.This isn’t because they cannot recognize their own species, but they have similar courtship and mating displays. If similar appearance was a factor, common and Barrow’s goldeneyes could be considered hybrid candidates.

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Seventy years after his father proposed there to his mother, Colorado Gov.

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