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Alabama (by constitution and statute); Alaska (by constitution and statute); Arizona (by constitution and statute); Arkansas (by constitution and statute); Colorado (by constitution and statute); Florida (by constitution and statute); Georgia (by constitution and statute); Idaho (by constitution and statute); Indiana (by statute only); Kansas (by constitution and statute); Kentucky (by constitution and statute); Louisiana (by constitution and statute); Michigan (by constitution and statute); Minnesota (by statute only); Mississippi (by constitution and statue); Missouri (by…In the US, the answer is no, the government can collect indefinitely. If the loans are Federally Guaranteed, you can tell the borrower to consolidate the loans in only their name, that will get you off the hook.Statute law is taken literally or interpretively from a written statute, such as the Bill of Rights or the Constitution.Case law is taken from the results of trial cases that have caused statutes to be reviewed and revised, such as Roe V Wade.There is also a difference between bringing criminal charges and suing for civil damages.Typically the criminal charges are longer then civil cases.

In that way, the Member States would no longer have to suffer the consequences of too large a number of unduly constricting legal or jurisprudential standards.y limitacin de las competencias de los distintos rganos de la Unin, incluido el Tribunal de Justicia Europeo, que han creado esos enormes volmenes de Derecho, para que los Estados miembros no tengan que sufrir durante ms tiempo las consecuencias de unas normas legales o jurisprudenciales demasiado numerosas o indebidamente restrictivas.

Una normativa comunitaria que codificase todos los requisitos comunitarios y nacionales en materia de informacin en un nico instrumento jurdico comportara los mayores beneficios econmicos debido a la simplificacin y la seguridad jurdica que hara posibles.

A consolidating statute repeals and re-enacts existing statutes relating to a particular subject.

Rules or regulations have the force and effect of laws.

Regulations fill in the details of statutes that are written in a general sort of way.

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