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I recently wrote a post on how many dates before relationship talks and whilst this is similar, I felt that dating exclusively and being in a relationship are very different things to some people.It’s good to know upfront how many dates before exclusive talks should happen. Things don’t have to progress to a relationship for months if it doesn’t feel right but the exclusivity should come much much sooner in my opinion.Personally, once I make the decision to go on a third date (don’t forget to check out my 10 perfect second date ideas to make sure you get to date 3!) then I’ve decided that I like her and so pursuing other women is a no-go.It’s an even stronger sign if he never seems to have time to help anyone else out – except for you.There’s normal workplace small talk, and then there’s asking you about your dating life.That way, if the answer is no, you won’t be embarrassed in front of a guy that you have to keep working with. When a guy likes a woman, he gets a charge out of just being around her.

After all, if you two have a secret, it instantly makes the relationship between you far more intimate.Obviously, if you work right next to each other this isn’t going to be conclusive evidence – but if this sign shows up with a lot of the others it’s much stronger. Whether it’s covering for you if you’re late, or taking care of the biggest pain in the butt task that’s on your plate, or just jumping to your aid if you’re swamped with work…this kind of gallant behavior is a good sign he likes you.So if he’s always starting up nicknames and inside jokes with you, it’s a good sign he wants to get closer with you.At work, it’s easy to let the professional override the personal and spend all day talking about work stuff.

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Make sure you’re certain he’s asking for himself though. This one is a “guy with a crush” staple from 5th grade on up.

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