White girl dating black guy tips

Doesn’t mean people can’t change and grow if they want to.

Just means, I think you should take some of the pressure off of yourself to find some perfect racially unbiased white man.

My dude was a newbie which meant I got to train him to my own unique black girl specifications, it was fun.

The stuff that he’s culturally grown up being into that you’ve never heard of or know nothing about and vice versa?That way there will be at least one dish there that you like.And, what I’ve done many times is to offer to help cook the meal.Or you could communicate, “Oh, you put raisins in your potato salad, we don’t make it that way in my family is there a reason you do that?” I believe interracial relationships are a chance for learning and sharing.

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He will probably one day say/think/feel/communicate something that rubs you the wrong way, this is an opportunity, not a reason to bolt.

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