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Fine lines and wrinkles start to create a haggard appearance. Having thick and pouty lips is the in thing nowadays. Injecting lip fillers is a viable solution to thin lips.Botox is often used to treat wrinkles and facial creases. The muscle affected will no longer contract, resulting in the smoothing of wrinkles. There is some weirdness at certain angles caused by heavy makeup. Many celebrities go out of the way to get their lips done. Big boobs are also known to boost the self esteem of many ladies.Typically, a woman gains 25 to 35 pounds after becoming pregnant.

She played Ainsley Hayes in the NBC political drama The West Wing (2000–02, 2006) and Det.Emily Procter net worth: Emily Procter is an American actress and philanthropist who has a net worth of million.Born in Raleigh, North Carolina, Emily Procter graduated from East Carolina University with degrees in Journalism and Dance.The side effect is an unnatural looking face due to the loss of muscle control. The effects of lip fillers are obvious because most users tend to overdose, creating swollen lips. This could provide the illusion that her lips have grown thicker. There is nothing more attractive to men than a set of firm and huge breasts.For Emily Procter, despite all the rumours, there is hardly a photo that confirms lip filler use. Here are some photos of Emily Procter in the past and now. Breast augmentation surgery has been at the top of the list due to the everlasting lust of men, and the relentless pursuit of beauty of women.

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However, her appearance in recent years have led many to believe that she has undergone Botox injections, a boob job, liposuction, cheek fillers and lip fillers.

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