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The ‘drumming’ was electronic sequencers programmed by Barry and Maurice and their engineer Scott Glasel.The Gibb instrumental tracks were done from October 1986 into 1987.The additional recording beyond the demo was done with a light touch that maintains the feel of the original while improving the sound.Barry takes lead vocal backed mainly by a rhythm track by Maurice and Rhett Lawrence (from Runaway) and synthesizer work by Robbie Kondor.

While ‘demos’ could have been used for the filings, waiting for the finished recordings would ensure that the final version of the song would be protected including any last-minute changes like the edits and ad lib vocals.

This is supported by a note in a fan club magazine saying that by February they had three songs ready: ‘E S P’, ‘Live or Die’, and ‘Giving Up the Ghost’ (an interesting list— see below). An alternate theory of dating is that the recording sessions were around that time, and that the earlier dates for the other songs show when the ‘demos’ were finished.

While possible this is not satisfactory on two counts.

And E S P was successful, not in the United States where anti-disco prejudice still ruled, but in Britain and Europe.

In the second half of 1987 they worked on a few songs with Andy, and they may have started writing songs for the next Bee Gees album.

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The compromise recording method adopted for E S P was for the brothers to start all the recordings with just the three of them and then complete the work with session players and a producer, replacing much of the original track.

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