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Likewise, California court's decision granted him a gender and name change. Long before the transition, the writer was in a relationship with his partner Jennifer Elia, a private tutor.Their dating life had begun in 1999, and they were living together as partners.

As published by February 2016, the writer spoke about his unhealthy body and about the presence of dysphoria which added an extra pounds inside his body weighing him 75lbs.Living together, his girlfriend always stood along side him and supported him walking down the hurdles of life together.Moreover, Elia was also the one who partnered him and was with him during the entire process of transition.Just for the lovers of Chaz Bono, we are sharing the untold story of his ruined engagement and about his initiation for weight loss.Chaz Bono and his girlfriend, Jennifer Elia, a private tutor were in a relationship for an extended period. The relationship was a real serious one as both the duo were in living together relationship and were in the process of taking their relationship to the next level of marriage. Uk on 13th May 2011, the advocate had spoken about getting married after few weeks just after they got engaged. When answered by his lady about the actual reason for a break she confronted the media by taking the sole responsibility of break up in her head. UK on 20 'Well I can't blame it solely on Chaz's transition, my sobriety has always been a problem.

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