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Cheyenne tagged his latest selfies We Are Well Aware How Annoying We Are[quote]Of course, savvy gay readers and even mildly proficient smut researchers will have already gotten up close and personal with Jackson’s private parts.Earlier this year, a sex tape surfaced allegedly depicting Jackson masturbating.The media labeled the drastic transition for the once clean-cut actor as a sign of a midlife crisis.“I have had quite a difficult and transitional year.Cheyenne Jackson has NEVER been happier than he is with you.I feel like their behavior isn't that unusual for a relationship that began in a cheating scenario. They are so over-the-top about how happy and in love they are because they want to convince everyone that they are happy and even if they hurt plenty of people along the way (think that post from Monte's sister), it was all in the name of love.Watch the trailer for the horror movie if you missed it.

Plus, isn't Benitez like a whole foot shorter than Monte?

A month later, he publicly began dating a fellow actor.

At the same time, Jackson shaved his head, grew a mustache and got Elvis Presley lyrics tattooed on his arm.

Jackson, himself in sober recovery, will play a meth addict.

Teasing the new HBO show, the actor, who has already appeared nude onstage, admits he has no caveats when it comes to getting naked for his HBO role "only" if it’s “germane to the story.”In September, Jackson filed for divorce.

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