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But the AM broadcaster’s switch to a sports format means the veteran DJ’s weekly four-hour show will die at 4 p.m. Joining him on-air will be music-biz heavy Bruce Allen, of whom Robinson said: “He’s a gentleman who survived in a field full of crooks and rotters by brains and being tough.” Robinson himself survived by generating huge 1950s listenership for emergent rock ’n’ roll. As noted here 50 years later, Robinson “put the bop in the bop sh’bop sh’bop, and the ram in the rama-rama ding dong.”WORD KEPT: Saloon-jazz vocalist Kenny Colman survived a 1985 brain tumour, vowed to “keep singing till I lose my hair,” and died, still coiffed, still singing, at age 85 this week.

She is signed to Universal Music Canada's XOXO Entertainment.

On one day recently, he booked for Nickelodeon’s animated Paw Patrol and the feature film Eggplant Emoji.

Making a somewhat out-of-character pitch to director Jake Szymanski (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates), Chance reportedly said: “You need an obnoxious kid, and I’m the obnoxious kid. ” “Chance is really good at knowing his audience,” Adam said, beaming.

The Alfresco title fitted the locale: Science World’s rooftop patio.

Dirty Apron chef David Robertson’s students did virtual handsprings helping prepare a tuna, sablefish and beef short rib meal. The Alfresco event reportedly raised ,000 for Science World’s after-school programs for inner-city Grade 1-to-7 students.

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