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As his dark eyes glower and the baritone booms you feel that this New Jersey boy was always destined, after a period as a romantic lead, to embody kings and presidents.

Right.’” Le Gros co-stars as Erbe’s love interest, Najimy as her neighbor, and Iacono plays Reilly’s potential boyfriend.His notable film roles include George Prager in Diary of a Mad Housewife (1970), Count Dracula in Dracula (1979), Skeletor in Masters of the Universe (1987), Bob Alexander in Dave (1993), William S.Paley in Good Night, and Good Luck (2005) and Richard Nixon in the film production of Frost/Nixon (2008), which earned him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor.It’s just a good story and I probably shouldn’t debunk it, but it’s not true.” These are pretty much the words that come out of his old pal Anne Bancroft when, in Dropped Names, he reminds her of a difficult period to which he was witness many years earlier. We never talked about Frost/Nixon because it’s seven years ago now, and that goes into the ether. It’s like Bette Davis in All About Eve, ‘Oh you theatre people.It’s hot, it’s burning, it’s crazy, and then it goes away.’ There’s no animus.” (Needless to say Bette Davis is in the book: their phone calls “were rife with foreplay”.) Langella reports that all is sweetness and light in this rehearsal room. I love them very much.” His Lear has the makings of something monumental and he now realises he’s been preparing for it all his life.

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Stories about the dimensions of 75-year-old Langella’s competitive ego have done the rounds ever since.

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