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It could be argued that Charlotte was transformed in late 1938 and that she and Peter left Maria in early 1940 and came back for jasper in 1945.

*^* The date of 1933 for Rosalie’s transformation was given to us in March of 2006 by Stephenie Meyer when she corrected the original draft of the timeline.

Greene also lent her voice to the animated feature “Max & Me.” Outside of acting, Greene starred alongside her husband Paul Khoury on The Design Network’s reality series “Design Therapy.” You can watch the episode here.

Kellan Lutz- Emmett Cullen “Guardians of the Tomb” and “Speed Kills,” two movies co-starring Lutz, just released this year, and the actor has at least one other movie in the pipeline.

On the book’s anniversary, and ahead of the first “Twilight” film’s 10-year anniversary next month, now is as good a time as any to check out where the cast members of the book’s movie adaptation are today.

While the “Twilight” film franchise and book series contain many characters, we’ll only be focused on those featured in the first novel and the 2008 film.

Ashley Greene- Alice Cullen Greene’s supporters can expect to see her in three upcoming films.

Twilight and New Moon were not written to a calendar.He also had lead roles on TV shows “Scream Queens” and “Cuckoo.”Lautner appears to be focused on his family at the moment.The actor recently shared about his sister Makena’s health troubles on Instagram.Robert Pattinson- Edward Cullen Like his on-camera lover and off-camera ex, Stewart, Pattinson has also been busy taking on roles on the big screen since “The Twilight Saga.” Pattinson is currently promoting his upcoming drama “High Life,” which stars him as a man living in space with his daughter.The film, set to debut in November, will be followed by “The Lighthouse,” “The King,” “The Devil All the Time,” “Waiting For The Barbarians” and “The Souvenir: Part II.” Pattinson also isn’t ruling out a “Twilight” reunion.“I’ve literally talked to my agent about it.

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Nikki Reed- Rosalie Cullen Nikki Reed has slowed down on her acting gigs in recent years.

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