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Back in 2014, a hand-written list of people who were supposedly Lindsay's former lovers was revealed.The list was never meant to be made public and was written as a part of a rehab activity.The couple dated back when Wilmer was only 24 and Lindsay was 17.It did not matter that when the two started to date, Lindsay was technically underage.

One person described as being in Lohan’s inner circle claimed that they “know each other” while there was another rumor that the crown prince gave the actress a gift-wrapped credit card. However, it should be noted that a rep for Lohan denied that the two are dating, and said they’ve only met once.

He has publicly stated that Lindsay has tried to make a move on him, but he had turned Lindsay down and was never in a relationship with her.

When Lindsay found out that James was denying their encounter, she decided to come forth with the details of what took place.

There have been many relationships that Lindsay has confirmed and denied.

Whether these relationships were confirmed, denied, or just rumors, they are a part of Lindsay's dating history.

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Once Lindsay turned 18, the couple was unable to fix their relationship and they split up.

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  1. Even when a celebrity couple is pretty much widely acknowledged as dating but refuse to publicly confirm it, their fans shrug and the media just keeps on reporting on their dating updates as if they did confirm it.