Who is mickey rourke dating 2016

The Hollywood actor will play real-life hitman Richard 'Iceman' Kuklinski in the movie and believes it will be his defining role, like boxing movie 'Raging...

MICKEY ROURKE's dalliance with model LENA KULETSKAYA has ended in tears - her fiance has called off their engagement.

Mickey Rourke's new girlfriend is "a gift from heaven".

The 57-year-old actor - who was nominated but failed to win Best Actor for his performance in 'The Wrestler' at last year's Academy Awards - is besotted...

MICKEY ROURKE has hailed MEGAN FOX Hollywood's "best young actress" after she impressed him on the set of their movie PASSION PLAY.

The Wrestler star appears opposite Fox, who plays a "circus freak" with wings who...

Mickey showed off his ripped physique in a pair of rather tight white boxer shorts and he even held up his pet Pomeranian pooch at one point.

The Wrestler star's black locks hung over his sweat band and he looked like he meant business as he boxed his way around the ring.

Gay rights activists have laid into actor MICKEY ROURKE, after his attempt to defend his use of a homophobic slur.The Wrestler actor endured a tumultuous relationship with Wild Orchid star Otis, which hit an all-time low when Rourke...MICKEY ROURKE has publicly thanked SYLVESTER STALLONE and SEX PISTOLS star STEVE JONES for standing by him when he hit rock bottom.Rourke courted controversy last year (08) when he was caught on camera calling a journalist a...MICKEY ROURKE has blamed his abusive stepfather for his drink and drug problems.

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The star narrowly missed out on the honour at this year's...

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