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The executed life-testing apparatus, employing an all-solid-state 250 A pulser, is also dealt with.

One iixed-contact type stabilizer is shown in U, S.~- Patent 3,454,308, Kennedy, in which two wear bars are positioned end-to-end on either side of a locking bar within an accommo-dated slot, the wear bars being dovetailed to fit under tapered end surfaces of the slot and a locking bar.

A gyre of clouds in the southeast corner of the Mediterranean indicates a complementary counterclockwise (cyclonic) circulation of air.A proposal was made by the present inventor ~o provide a stabilizer having a body with integral blades and to drive fit into the blades round stepped wear pads (studded with carbide inserts or hard faced) with greater interference on the outer larger diameter cylindrical lands of the pads than on the inner smaller diameter cylindrical lands.This proposal offered a structure that would be suitable for large diameter stabilizers, e.g., 14 inches or more in diameter, especially when employed with skewed blades, but would present problems due to insufficient exterior flow passages in the smaller sizes.FIXED-CONTACT STABILIZER ABSTRACT OF THE INVENTION A drill string stabilizer in which the wall-contacting wear elements or blades are secured in their accommodating pockets by a lateral interference fit.One embodiment includes recess-and-projection connections between end-to-end aligned, individual wear elements, the surfaces of mating parts permitting rotation.

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  1. It was highest in Australia (10%), Canada (10%), Mexico (10%), United States (10%), Lithuania (10%), Costa Rica (11%), Latvia (11%) and New Zealand (11%), while it was lowest in Japan (3%), Greece (4%), Switzerland (4%), Bulgaria (5), Croatia (5%), Germany (5%), Italy (5%) and Cyprus (5%).