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Here are ten Scarlett Johansson flicks that define her wide range of talents. Barbara is the villain in Don Jon—and yes, she is portrayed as a villain. She’s got a horrible accent and absolutely no sense of humor.

There’s no shortage of bad qualities in Barbara, and yet we’d be lying if we didn’t dream about dropping on all fours in her presence to lick her boots clean.

Barbara is the essence of such male centric thinking.

We’re supposed to think, “bitch,” every time she’s on screen.

Write him off or put him on a pedestal, Woody Allen keeps doing what he does best.

We were trying to figure out who was available for it, and Scarlett happened to be available. As soon as I met her, I had a very good rapport with her. MTV: Are there any other actors high on your list at the moment? MTV: You've said before you don't get offers to act a lot in other people's films. MTV: I remember there was talk once though that you were going to co-star with Jim Carrey in "Stuck on You." Allen: It's the first I'm hearing of it. I write in longhand, and then I type it up on my Olympia portable typewriter, which I've used since I was 16 years old. Allen: I don't go out of my way to write for myself. I have a narrow little thing that I can do that is almost not acting. Allen: Yes, it surprises me because I feel I've done any number of lines much more worthy of immortality.

But it occurred to me as I was directing it, what if the uncle came to them and beat them to the punch? MTV: It is true, however, that you and Scarlett have a great working relationship. Allen: She just dropped into my professional life inadvertently. It could be a situation where I simply agree to it and then I see it when it opens and put a bullet through my head.

When they asked him for a favor, he asked them for one. MTV: There was a report the other day that said you and Scarlett Johansson are going to be a part of a New York anthology film. It was supposed to be Kate Winslet in "Match Point," and at the last minute she was exhausted and called up and said she wanted to back out of it because she'd been doing movie after movie and wanted to spend time with her child. I don't think movies should be anyone's top priority. She can do dramatic things and jokes if you need her to. Someone put in all my New Orleans jazz music on it so when I go away on a trip I don't have to carry a lot of stuff with me and I can still sit in my hotel room with earphones and practice. I've had a million offers on "Purple Rose of Cairo," a million offers on "Bullets Over Broadway," but I've never been overly enthused about it. It's not something that really interests me very much.

After viewing The Man Who Wasn’t There upon its release at Cannes, French film critic Michael Cimente summed it up as a ninety-minute film that plays for two hours.

Roger Ebert, in his own review of the film, used this quote by Cimente to make the same point in a positive light.

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