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For example, i have myself the case with a 8GB Class 4 that gets instantly corrupted when any overclock mode is set, where the same manufacturer Class 10 never got corrupted, still this is not related with class type SD card.Anyway, you when your setup is done, see backup and restore section, this way if you have data corruption you could easily restore your flash card without re-installing. limit=20&start=20 It will force turbo mode after boot for the time set (max 60 secs) and should help preventing data corruption.12/03/2012 - Rpi 512MB update / Recommended Build 13/11/2012 - Overclock corruption workarounds, Last build test, note about missing videos when used as client of main XBMC 23/10/2012 - Image builds location changed / Add link to upgrade script as alternative 10/15/2012 - Recommended "stable" build 11/09/2012 - Update Backup & Restore 10/09/2012 - Update issue amendment 09/29/2012 - Add Verified Wireless section 09/28/2012 - Add a conservative mode in case of constant corruption 09/26/2012 - Turbo Mode data corruption workaround 09/24/2012 - New Turbo mode 09/21/2012 - Add memorandum section 09/21/2012 - Fit to screen correction and turbo mode announcement 09/20/2012 - Fit to screen section 09/19/2012 - Add backup / restore section 09/18/2012 - Add upgrade section - Add recommended themes 09/16/2012 - First version Get a fully functional XBMC Media Center on Raspberry Pi !The Raspberry Pi is a very cheap and interesting small computer created by the Raspberry foundation for educational purposes.Make sure to entirely delete it from the app data and and the addons folder and download the frodo version and install from zip. It uses a 10-foot user interface and is designed to be a media player for the living-room, using a remote control as the primary input device.

With no additional configuration, you may have some "fit to screen" issues, in XBMC UI and play back also.

Off course, this will still works on any SDHC Class SD card.

********************************************** OUTDATED ********************************************** Edit 12/03/2012: Recommended build: ELEC-RPi.arm-devel-20121124031454-r12577bz2 Note: This build is compatible with both 256MB and 512MB Raspberry, take a look here:

Ever since I upgraded to frodo, I've been having issues with pseudotv. The thing that fixed it for me was to uninstall Pseudo TV, delete all traces of it from the xbmc directory and install the latest beta version.

Namely, it freezes XBMC when populating channels upon startup. I get the box saying "Updating channel 1 Adding Videos, added ___ entries."Typically it can add 65 entries before freezing. The downside is you'll have to rebuild all your channels.

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coming with new builds now contain all required information to correctly set your main settings like Overcloking values, still information above are correct ***************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Overclocking is not officially supported by Open ELEC, if you do so this is at your own decision and own risk.

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